Monday, January 18, 2021

Twelve Hundred Twenty-Six


January 14, 2021
7.74 Miles in 1:21:49
Mood: Wandering far afield
Soundtrack: Reply All and TBTL and The Mediocre Show

I didn't have a plan on where to go, so I just started migrating west. I went a good long way west, and then decided to head far too far south, and I ended up having run about 6 miles and I was still over 3 miles away from home, and I was pretty tired. So I walked a lot of the last bit home, and ended up a little bit late for work. Oops! I definitely went further than I should have.

Before I went too far out of my way, I found these crazy bushes. (Pictured above) They are very thick, and crazy wavy, and they look like something a Hobbit would nurture. I really liked these massive bushes. 

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