Monday, February 22, 2021

Twelve Hundred Forty-Three


February 19, 2021
6.78 Miles in 1:08:27
Mood: Back to Back runs, low blood sugars, and yellow signs
Soundtrack: U2 "Songs of Experience"

I haven't run two consecutive days in quite awhile. However, Saturday is Pokemon Go: Kanto Tour, and my son and I have bought tickets to play, so I didn't want to start late because I ran on Saturday morning, so I decided to get up early Friday morning, do my work, and then get in a run in the afternoon after I was finished with work. Work cooperated by not being overly busy, so I was able to get out into a BEAUTIFUL Friday afternoon and get in some miles. The first three and a half miles were just lovely, but then I had a little issue with a low blood sugar, which kept popping up for the rest of the run. I made a couple of different stops to get food to raise the blood sugar, and salvaged nearly seven miles. They weren't pretty, but they count, and now I'm good to go for PoGo on Saturday morning!

The photo today was taken because the bright yellow of this sign looked really cool against the bright blue sky, and i was amazed at how well they made a stick figure look like a kid. I was a big fan of this sign!

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