Monday, February 15, 2021

Twelve Hundred Forty


February 14, 2021
7.53 Miles in 1:16:41
Mood: Brrr. This is too cold.
Soundtrack: Iron & Wine "Our Endless Numbered Days"

The cold snap was in full force on Sunday. This was the coldest Valentines Day I can remember, and so just like on Friday, I did NOT run in the morning when the temps were a balmy negative 8, and waited until the afternoon. The temperatures did not rise nearly as much as they did on Friday, so I bundled up in long underwear and multiple layers and drove up to Wash Park. It was 3 degrees as I set out, and that is too cold. This is one of the coldest runs I can remember going on. On the plus side, it definitely inspired me to keep moving, if for no other reason than to stay warm and to get the run completed so that it would be over and I would be back in my warm car. Look at that photo! You can FEEL how cold it was. If it were any other month than February, I'd probably have skipped my run, but with only 28 days in the month, if I'm going to hit 100 miles, I can't take any breaks, so I was on my grind getting my miles in temperatures that only a penguin could appreciate. I remain on target for 100 miles for the month, it's amazing what having a goal can make you do!  

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