Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Twelve Hundred Thirty-Three


January 31, 2021
7.23 Miles in 1:12:01
Mood: Free the Noibat!
Soundtrack: The Killers "Imploding the Mirage"

The photo above is of the Phipps Mansion. A palatial estate in a very fancy Denver neighborhood. I'm certain it's worth many millions of dollars, and yet the only reason I came there was Pokemon related. This fancy (and kinda ugly) house is also a Pokemon Gym, and I had a Pokemon that had been in said gym for two weeks. It was stuck, and I had plans for it which couldn't come to fruition until it was freed from the gym. So my goal for this run, in addition to getting my seven miles in, was to free the Noibat from it's captivity. I did a loop and a half around Wash Park, and then made a beeline for the mansion and used my alternate Pokemon account to defeat my own Pokemon and thus free it from it's obligation to protect the gym. This was a very good reason to run to a mansion, and the fact that it was a beautiful day didn't hurt either.

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