Monday, March 29, 2021

Twelve Hundred Fifty-Nine


March 28, 2021
7.94 Miles in 1:23:47
Mood: Happily running in a new and interesting place.
Soundtrack: Dispatch "America, Location 12"

Our family decided to take a short little overnight trip to Northern Colorado for the weekend, and I got up really early so I could get a run in at a new place. I spent a lot of time in Fort Collins as a kid, but had never run here before, so I was excited to check it out by foot. The night before I picked up a pizza at a spot I would describe a place that the cool college kids hung out and ate pizza. When I walked in, I immediately felt a billion years old, I was the oldest person there by orders of magnitude. It was almost as if my bones were turning to dust like the Nazis that open the lid of the Ark of the Covenant in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I bring up my pizza experience to hammer home yet another thing that separated me from the youth of Colorado kids do not wake up at 6AM on Sundays. I felt like I had the entire town pretty much to myself so I took advantage and checked out a large swath of a charming little college campus. Today's photo comes from their football stadium, which has a cool statue of two Rams locking horns, which is a cool image, but perhaps a bad symbol of team unity. Based on the success of Rams football...I might be correct. The football stadium is quaint. I liked it, but it sure seemed small. I would love to go to a game sometime, perhaps I will someday.

I also ran through downtown Fort Collins, which has some cool art and some neat old buildings. There is a lot of charm in the whole town. I finished up running on the Poudre Trail which runs right along the Cache de Poudre River. It's always fun to run in a new place, but especially fun when you get so many diverse and interesting experiences as you run. I give this run five stars!

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