Monday, March 29, 2021

Twelve Hundred Fifty-Seven


March 23, 2021
7.67 Miles in 1:22:55
Mood: Enjoying the light
Soundtrack: Dispatch "America, Location 12"

There was a tiny bit of concern in me that I'd not feel well enough after getting a vaccine shot to be able to get my Tuesday morning run in, but apart from a sore arm, I felt pretty good and ready to go when my alarm went off. My pace wasn't anything special, but I managed to get in a respectable number of miles and also see a big portion of fence that someone turned into a Colorado flag in their backyard, as seen above. Not sure why they did it, but as always with weird things people do to their houses, I approve. Also, you can see from the photo how warm and rich the light from the morning sun was, which felt good and made the world look cool.

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