Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Twelve Hundred Forty-Eight


March 2, 2021
7.56 Miles in 1:18:22
Mood: How'd those get there?
Soundtrack: Ben Folds Five "The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind" and TBTL

I'm pretty sure those balloons were not intended to be in the trees. Which makes me wonder how they got away from the person who purchased them, and then ended up in a little tree on the bank of a little stream. I like to think that someone gave them to a kid to hold on to, and that kid in a moment of rebellious joy let go of the balloons and happily watched as they rose into the sky while the adult who just spend 15 or 20 dollars on them did not share the joy. Probably not what happened, but I have an active imagination. 

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