Monday, April 26, 2021

Twelve Hundred Seventy-Two


April 25, 2021
8.01 Miles in 1:26:23
Mood: Hey! It's a beaver!
Soundtrack: Phoebe Bridgers "Punisher"

There is a recent trend to gussy up electric boxes to make them not only functional for electrical purposes, but also for them to double as art installations. I was driving up University Blvd a few weeks ago when I saw this beaver, and I knew that I needed to somehow include it in a run, even though it's not terribly near to where I usually run. So this week, rather than just run three or four laps around Wash Park, I started about three miles south of the park so that I could include a photo of this beaver electric box in the blog, and then ran up to Wash Park, did one lap, and then ran back. It saved me about six miles of driving, and I get to post this glorious bit of art, so it was definitely a win-win. Also I learned that there are 19 of these boxes in the south Denver area, so I may have a new project...gotta collect em all for the blog! There are 50 of these pictures (One animal for every state), but there only 19 are electric boxes.  This is the New York American Beaver. Watch this space for more coming in the future! 

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