Monday, June 28, 2021

Twelve Hundred Ninety-Eight


June 26, 2021
7.54 Miles in 1:17:25
Mood: Wandering off
Soundtrack: TBTL

I intended to stay at Wash Park and do some laps, but about two-thirds of the way around the park on my first lap, I decided to veer off and follow my random feelings to heaven knows where. I ended up running to the south edge of Cheesman Park via Cherry Creek on a route that I've never really tried before. It was varied and scenic, and it was a beautiful Saturday morning. I ended up finishing my lap of Wash Park and heading home, but not before a slight detour to check out the Washington Park Lawn Bowling Club building. I was drawn there by the odd tile portrait that is definitely new to this little shed. It was put up to honor the man who served as president of the club from 2016 to 2021. It's more than a little weird looking...especially as you get closer to it. It's also a little funny to have such a big place of honor for a guy who headed up the club for 5 years when it's been around since 1924. Still, it was a new and interesting thing to take a picture of, so I was in favor of it!

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