Monday, June 14, 2021

Twelve Hundred Ninety-Two


June 13, 2021
7.68 Miles in 1:17:31
Mood: Men in Kilts?
Soundtrack: Twenty One Pilots "Scaled and Icy"

This is some effective marketing. I don't know if it's GOOD marketing, but it is effective. I took a picture of the van, even though I'm not sure if this is a legit window cleaning service, or a service to titillate people with a Scottish fetish. Either way, it's memorable. Especially the small black sign angled over the door which reads "No Peeking" which felt unnecessary. 

It was a hot morning, but my mantra is to never complain about heat when I would kill for weather like this all winter. No snow equals no complaints. Although I might potentially complain if Men In Kilts start washing windows near me.

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