Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Thirteen Hundred Forty


September 26, 2021
7.44 Miles in 1:15:40
Mood: Hanging with my brother!
Soundtrack: Barenaked Ladies - "Barenaked Ladies are Me"

My brother was in town, and he went with me to Wash Park, although he didn't really run with me as he hasn't been running much lately and couldn't run for too long. So I knew he was around, and saw him a few times as I was running, but I wouldn't say he ran with me. He jogged a tiny bit and walked around a lot, and it was a nice September morning so it was pleasant. 

At one point he sprinted past me for about 20 seconds, and it caused his heart to palpitate so rapidly that his smart watch sent a message to his emergency contact that he might be experiencing a cardiac event. He was fine, and we both thought that was hilarious.

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