Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Thirteen Hundred Forty-Six


October 9, 2021
7.30 Miles in 1:15:47
Mood: Perfection!
Soundtrack: Tre' Burt "You, Yeah, You"

I've now had several Saturday afternoon runs happen due to my weekend mornings being taken up by my son's flag football team. I'm really enjoying watching him play those mornings, and as we get further into fall, the afternoon runs are becoming better too. The first game of the season I skipped a morning run because it was early September and super hot. This weekend, however, it was legitimately perfect with bright blue skies, temps in the low 70's, and even lovely cotton candy clouds dotting the sky. It makes it easy to get out on a Saturday when the conditions are perfect. Although it'll probably be snowing in two weeks. Sigh. 

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