Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Thirteen Hundred Fifty-Eight


December 22, 2021
4.53 Miles in 50:33
Mood: Feeling like progress is happening, albeit slowly.
Soundtrack: Pokemon Go Radio and TBTL

My range has been shrunk a bit by the fact that I'm not running as far these days as I was before I hurt my calf in October, but I'm slowly trying to push it out a bit. I stuck mainly to the Highline Canal trail this morning, but I did spend a tiny bit of time in the neighborhoods west of Broadway today, and I'm hoping to keep expanding it back out with time. I didn't get back to five miles this trip like I did on Saturday, but I felt like four and a half is respectable, and I am feeling a bit stronger every time I go out. The next step is to go more often than every four days, and we'll get there!

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