Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Thirteen Hundred Fifty-Five


December 12, 2021
4.28 Miles in 47:02
Mood: A great weekend with my bro!
Soundtrack: Wash Park sounds

I went on an early Sunday run with my brother who was in town to go to the Broncos-Lions game. We were talking so much as we got ready that I forgot to grab my earbuds, which was a bit of a bummer as he wasn't going to run all that much which meant I left him behind and had nothing to listen to apart from the natural noises of the world. 

Having him around was a bit an incentive to push myself so he wouldn't be waiting on me, and although I didn't run FAST, I at least did a decent job of continuing to run and not devolve the outing into a walk with occasional bursts of slow running. The bar is so low right now.

Still, I got four miles in, I felt good, and I got to hang out with Bruce, so this was definitely a win. It continued a trend of a great weekend which included getting to hang out with him at the Christkindl market downtown on Saturday and introducing him to the wackiness that is Meow Wolf on Friday night. Twas a very good time, indeed!

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