Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Thirteen Hundred Seventy-Eight


March 23, 2022
3.47 Miles in 38:53
Mood: Not super impressed with El Paso
Soundtrack: Texas morning sounds

I hadn't added a new state in awhile but we made a trip south for spring break, and I managed to get in a run on our only day in the state of Texas. That means the states run in for the blog list is up to 16... Colorado, Kansas, Washington, South Dakota, Illinois, Arizona, New Mexico, Louisana, Mississippi, Iowa, Florida, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Utah, Hawaii and Texas. 

I'm sure there are beautiful places to run in the state of Texas, but El Paso was not one of them. I ran through some middling neighborhoods and a few okay places, but nothing all that interesting to look at. I was thinking that my photo might end up being a hand painted Dallas Cowboys logo I saw on someone's driveway until I was in the final stretch of my run and I passed Mr. Al's. I do not know what type of business Mr Al's is, but they have a big Statue of Liberty out front, so I know they are reputable. 

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