Friday, April 19, 2019

Nine Hundred Thirty-Six

April 19, 2019
4.57 Miles in 48:05
Mood: Appreciating lawn art.
Soundtrack: Family and Friends "Felix Culpa" and "XOXO"

I don't know what that weird hippie totem pole is, but I want one. Also, Hippie Totem Pole is a good band name.

Nine Hundred Thirty-Five

April 18, 2019
5.50 Miles in 59:48
Mood: Needless signs.
Soundtrack: The World's various noises.

This sign seemed a bit much to me. How fast does a pedestrian need to be moving to need a bright orange traffic cone 100 yards from stationary trucks? I guess a bike could come through, but even bikers should be able to navigate the treacherous parked vehicle.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Nine Hundred Thirty-Four

April 16, 2019
6.26 Miles in 1:04:28
Mood: Oh no, Lion. What did they do to you?
Soundtrack: Grouplove "Spreading Rumors" and "Big Mess"

Marble lions have been used in decorating the entrances to peoples homes for millennia. (I'm assuming this is true, as I didn't actually research this at all.) They can make your home look stately and amazing, but if you paint it black except for the eyes which you paint white with red dots for pupils, you are doing it wrong. Very, very wrong. This is bad.

Nine Hundred Thirty-Three

April 14, 2019
5.34 Miles in 54:03
Mood: Happy as a house.
Soundtrack: Vampire Weekend "This Life / Unbearably White"

Sometimes a home is a happy home because people put a lot of love and effort to make it a place where all are welcome and people are trusted and encouraged to find their way in the world together. Sometimes a home is a happy home because someone slaps eyes and a smiley face on it making it literally a happy home. I like both types of happy homes, but the first one is probably more significant, if you think about it.

Nine Hundred Thirty-Two

April 12, 2019
5.32 Miles in 56:05
Mood: The dichotomy of truck driving schmucks and very good horses.
Soundtrack: The Avett Brothers "True Sadness" and Father John Misty "I Love You, Honeybear"

After a few days of cold and rain/snow/sleet, the Highline Canal trail was in a fragile state, and some schmuck drove a truck over several miles of it leaving deep muddy grooves in the trail. I was annoyed at said schmuck, as those grooves in the trail were both unsightly and also made for slightly more difficult running. (Very slight, but my annoyance was real.)

I love this particular overlook and these four very good horses that live here. They were having a nice breakfast of whatever horses eat out of big metal tins, and I said hi to them as I stopped to take their photo. This was a lovely interaction. I give these horses five stars. These horses would never drive a truck over a muddy trail.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Nine Hundred Thirty-One

April 10, 2019
5.46 Miles in 1:00:06
Mood: Storm's a comin'
Soundtrack: Father John Misty "I Love You, Honeybear"

Yesterday was nearly 80 degrees, so naturally since I live in Colorado a blizzard was forecast for today. It wasn't supposed to move in until late morning, so I thought I'd be fine going out early this morning, but even at six the sky was totally gray and the rain was already starting to fall. I decided to hang around Southglenn in case the weather worsened severely. It didn't, but it was cool and wet all morning, so I didn't regret my decision to not wander off too far from home.

This was the first back to back days that I've run in close to a year, and my legs definitely felt a bit stiff. I was slow, but felt proud that I was able to get five and a half in despite some less than ideal conditions.

I only took two photos this morning. One was a picture of the gray sky, and it turned out pretty terribly, so I decided to use this picture of a tile wall at the Streets at Southglenn. There are lot of walls in this style at Southglenn, but they are all a little different, which is kind of cool in that they didn't just pick one pattern but when with an eclectic mix of patterns.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Nine Hundred Thirty

April 9, 2019
5.32 Miles in 57:21
Mood: Green beginning to show it's face around these parts.
Soundtrack: U2 "Songs of Experience" and "Songs of Innocence"

I took this picture, because it is proof that spring is slowly making it's way on the scene. Most of the trees on the Highline Canal are still barren, but this one has some lovely green buds. Of course, we are supposed to get hit with a snow storm tomorrow, so I hope that the buds are not budding too soon. Still, it's nice to see some green on the trail and even more nice to leave your house at 6 in the morning have the temps already be above 50.

I broke my seven mile run streak, but that was because I had a meeting at work that required me to be there earlier than normal, and I was instructed in no uncertain terms to NOT be there late, so I cut it short so that I would make it in time. I probably had another mile and a half or so in me if I had the time. I was super slow today, but I did the same technique of pushing myself to goal destinations to try and get a decent amount of mileage, and overall I'm happy with my results.

Nine Hundred Twenty-Nine

April 7, 2019
7.14 Miles in 1:13:32
Mood: Pushing myself to 7 again!
Soundtrack: Everclear "So Much For The Afterglow"

Two consecutive runs over 7 miles! Plus temps in the 60's! A gorgeous Sunday at my favorite park, and I was feeling good. Also, I took a picture of a lawn lion. Good times.

Nine Hundred Twenty-Eight

April 4, 2019
7.53 Miles in 1:19:44
Mood: Push it!
Soundtrack: Green Day "American Idiot"

I decided I was going to get a decent amount of distance on this one. I made that happen by pushing through when I was beginning to feel tired and rather than stopping to rest I would set a goal for myself. For example, I knew that there was park about a mile ahead, so I was going to keep going until I got to that park regardless of how tired I was. After that, I pushed to the next goal and kept doing so until I actually had a seven plus mile run under my belt. It wasn't fast, but it at least I finally got back to what I used to consider normal distance.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Nine Hundred Twenty-Seven

April 2nd, 2019
4.71 Miles in 49:39
Mood: Hurrah for Spring!
Soundtrack: The Walking Deadcast and Twenty One Pilots "Blurryface"

I slept poorly last night, so this run was done with not nearly enough sleep and I could feel it. I had a hard time sustaining even a mediocre pace, but at least I managed to get myself up and out so I could see the sun rise and enjoy a gorgeous Colorado morning. The results of my run were a little disappointing, but the experience was still pretty dang good. I'm so happy that Spring is starting to declare itself more boldly...I do not miss Winter.