Friday, May 20, 2022

Thirteen Hundred Ninety-Three


May 18, 2022
2.51 Miles in 27:37
Mood: Drowsy, but victorious. Go Avs Go!
Soundtrack: The Dan Lebatard Show

I stayed up the night before watching the Avs take a 1-0 series lead on the Blues in overtime in the second round of the NHL playoffs, and I was a little sleepy as a result, but I was still happy when I came across this beautiful flag in a neighborhood I was passing through. I immediately knew what would be the picture for the day!

Thirteen Hundred Ninety-Two


May 16, 2022
2.95 Miles in 32:46
Mood: A beautiful green morning.
Soundtrack: The Bill Simmons Podcast

More Highline Canal trail with basketball talk. The colors are transitioning from pink to green. We are entering peak morning running season.

Thirteen Hundred Ninety-One


May 14, 2022
2.95 Miles in 32:46
Mood: Pink trees can't last much longer
Soundtrack: TBTL

I know we are nearing the end of pink tree season, but I continue to find them, so I'll continue to post them. I didn't have time to head up to Wash Park on this Saturday as I had to drive the kids to art class, so I did the next best thing and hit up the Highline Canal.

Thirteen Hundred Ninety


May 11, 2022
2.80 Miles in 30:54
Mood: Springtime is okay
Soundtrack: The Bill Simmons Podcast

Arapaho Park was looking pretty nice this spring morning, and there were pink trees in the distance, so I was happy with my picture for the day.

Thirteen Hundred Eighty-Nine


May 7, 2022
3.90 Miles in 42:19
Mood: The Bills?
Soundtrack: Too Beautiful To Live

It's a little strange to be running through a Wash Park neighborhood in May and see a flag with the 1990's era Buffalo Bills helmet on it, but that's what happened, so I took a picture to commemorate the occasion. Hopefully the Broncos improve this season to the point that I start seeing a lot more Broncos flags flying proudly.

Thirteen Hundred Eighty-Eight


May 4, 2022
2.62 Miles in 29:13
Mood: I hope somebody beats the Celtics
Soundtrack: The Bill Simmons Podcast

Hey look! It's another pink tree. It was kinda overcast, but still nice and I listened to a podcast about basketball the whole time.

Thirteen Hundred Eighty-Seven


April 30, 2022
5.06 Miles in 54:07
Mood: Saturdays are awesome for running.
Soundtrack: The Head and The Heart "Every Shade of Blue"

Last run of April, pink trees still abound! I got very warm and sweaty.