Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Thirteen Hundred Seventy-One


February 13, 2022
5.20 Miles in 57:00
Mood: Super Bowl!!!
Soundtrack: The Ringerverse

Super Bowl Sunday and I figured since I was probably going to eat a LOT of calories that night, I might as well get some exercise that morning. I continued my recent trend of listening to the Ringerverse discussing The Book of Boba Fett as I ran at a snowy Wash Park, as I have done the previous two weekends, and it felt great. I was destined to be disappointed in the Super Bowl result, as I was cheering for the Bengals that night, but at least the team that did win isn't a team I hate, so that's nice!

Thirteen Hundred Seventy


February 10, 2022
4.97 Miles in 54:35
Mood: See a unicorn, take a photo of a unicorn.
Soundtrack: The Killers "Pressure Machine"

Five soild miles! A year ago this would have been a disappointment, now it feels like an accomplishment! Also, there was a unicorn in this yard for reasons I do not understand.

Thirteen Hundred Sixty-Nine


February 7, 2022
3.69 Miles in 40:43
Mood: BitiBuddy?
Soundtrack: Pokemon Go Radio

I started pretty solidly on this run, but then had a low blood sugar towards the end so I didn't get as much distance as I thought I might, but it was still a nice morning and now I need to find out what a BitiBuddy is.

Thirteen Hundred Sixty-Eight


February 5, 2022
4.18 Miles in 45:44
Mood: Deja Vu
Soundtrack: The Ringerverse

Six days after my last run, I did almost the exact same thing as my last run. I ran around Wash Park on the paved parts due to a lot of snow, listening to people talk about Star Wars. The big difference was it was a Saturday instead of a Sunday, but that's about the only difference. 

Thirteen Hundred Sixty-Seven


January 29, 2022
4.69 Miles in 50:41
Mood: Feeling good.
Soundtrack: The Ringerverse

Lots of sun and also ice while listening to people talking about Star Wars television. The temps were perfect, but there was still too much snow everywhere. 

Thirteen Hundred Sixty-Six


January 26, 2021
3.76 Miles in 42:25
Mood: Can't Remember
Soundtrack: Can't Remember

It's been too long, I have no memory of this run, but here's the photo I took on this Wednesday afternoon. The only thing I remember is that I went to work early and ran in the afternoon because of snow.