Monday, January 24, 2022

Thirteen Hundred Sixty-Five


January 21, 2022
4.56 Miles in 51:37
Mood: Feeling Pretty Good!
Soundtrack: The Ringerverse

This was somewhat momentous! I went for a run on a weekday only two days after the last time I went for a run. This used to be pretty routine, but of late, not so much...

It was a nice run, too. The weather was cold, but at least it was dry, and although it would snow later that day, for the morning it was just about perfect running weather, or at least as perfect as you can get during the dead of winter. I spent it jogging slowly and listening to some guys I enjoy hearing from discussing the Book of Boba Fett. (A show on Disney+)

Thirteen Hundred Sixty-Four


January 18, 2022
4.93 Miles in 56:07
Mood: Hooray for yard sculpture!
Soundtrack: TBTL

How great is this weird metal sculpture in this person's front yard? I love stuff like this! It just makes me happy that people put art like this out in their yard. I don't even know exactly what it is, a bird playing guitar? Maybe? Doesn't really matter! I dig it.

Thirteen Hundred Sixty-Three


January 16, 2022
3.16 Miles in 35:30
Mood: Aboard the struggle bus.
Soundtrack: TBTL

I didn't have it this morning, and it showed. I was glad to be up and enjoying a Sunday morning at Wash Park, but I got there kind of late, and my energy level was a bit embarrassing. I managed a meager three miles, and then decided to call it quits.

Thirteen Hundred Sixty-Two


January 12, 2022
4.38 Miles in 50:58
Mood: Up and at em on a Tuesday morning
Soundtrack: The Dan Lebatard Show Podcast

I don't know that this truck is actually a champion hot rod from 66 years ago, but it says so on the tailgate and I don't think you're allowed to lie on a tailgate, so it probably checks out. Also, there is a skull above the rear window, so that's a thing.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Thirteen Hundred Sixty-One


December 9, 2022
6.18 Miles in 1:07:19
Mood: A welcome farewell to Vic.
Soundtrack: Taylor Swift "Red (Taylor's Version)"

The Broncos season had ended the day before, and I was kind of relieved as it's been a rough one. I started out my run with clouds everywhere, but things slowly became brighter. It started with getting to wave hello to Lindsay Jones, a sports writer and runner with whom I am friendly, as she was also running around the park. Then I got a text from my friend John Kline letting me know that the Broncos had fired Vic Fangio which came in to me just as the clouds parted and the sun started shining, which was totally appropriate as I have had more than enough of Vic leading my favorite team. Then I was able to manage a respectable six miles which is by far the furthest I've run since my injury, and I felt good after I was done! A great morning all around. 

Thirteen Hundred Sixty


January 4, 2022
3.86 Miles in 44:20
Mood: Amazed that I was awake!
Soundtrack: The Ringerverse Podcast

I managed to drag myself out of bed for a run, which has been really hard to do lately. I was super thankful that I did because the morning was wonderful, and although the run wasn't perfect, it felt amazing to get out after not going since Christmas. Plus, I was able to photograph a leg lamp (pretty sure it was Italian) while on my adventures, so that's always a plus. We are running out of time where it will still be appropriate to have Christmas decorations up, but I'm enjoying the photos that I can get until they disappear. 

Thirteen Hundred Fifty-Nine


December 25, 2021
3.32 Miles in 35:14
Mood: Happy
Soundtrack: TBTL

It was the best kind of Christmas...not a bit of snow in sight and after all the good meals and presents, still enough daylight to get in a short run on a beautiful afternoon. True "Peace on Earth, Goodwill towards men" stuff and I enjoyed it!