Monday, March 14, 2022

Thirteen Hundred Seventy-Six


March 12, 2022
4.76 Miles in 50:47
Mood: Back at it!
Soundtrack: Tick, Tick, BOOM! Soundtrack

A super cold week of awful snow and freezing temps kept me on the bench this week, but thankfully once Saturday hit, the sun came out and it was a beautiful day. Wash Park was great, there were lions on the porch (of this one particular house), and I felt quite good considering it has been over a week since I exercised.

Thirteen Hundred Seventy-Five


March 3, 2022
3.92 Miles in 42:43
Mood: Holy Hawk!
Soundtrack: TBTL

It didn't take long to figure out what I would use for the photo for today's run. I was just about to start my Nike App and get moving when I saw this huge hawk sitting on a fence by the park. I walked up to it very slowly and kept taking pictures, assuming it would fly away, but it just kept sitting there until I got uncomfortably close (as seen above) and then I decided to not get any closer just in case it decided that it didn't like me and decided to peck out my eyes or something. I didn't really expect an attack, but I also figured it was better to be safe than sorry. Still, it was really cool to get THAT close.

Thirteen Hundred Seventy-Four


March 1, 2022
3.96 Miles in 42:21
Mood: Thankful that winter momentarily loosened it's grip.
Soundtrack: TBTL

The world had warmed up enough that I was able to run the Highline Canal for the first time in awhile as the snow and ice had actually melted! There were still a few tricky parts, but mostly I was good to go on the trail, and it felt nice to be using it, as it's one of my favorite venues for a run. More snow is on the way, but at least I could run the trail on this particular outing!

Thirteen Hundred Seventy-Three


February 27, 2022
3.00 Miles in 32:25
Mood: Wondering why someone put a sign in a tree
Soundtrack: TBTL

It had been a full week since I had gotten in a run, and it was super cold that morning, but as afternoon settled in (and with no football to watch), I decided to get in a Sunday afternoon run because it was way past time. The weather was nice, but my blood sugar did not cooperate, so I managed to only get in a somewhat pathetic 3 miles. Still, I was able to take a picture of a handicapped parking sign in a tree, which was weird, so I win!

Thirteen Hundred Seventy-Two


February 18, 2022
3.25 Miles in 36:07
Mood: Amused
Soundtrack: TBTL

I thought it was pretty amusing that with a ton of snow on the ground on a very chilly morning in February that the crosswalk guy was carrying a surf board.