Wednesday, December 25, 2013


December 10, 2013
1.78 Miles in 16:54
Mood: Discouraged, but ready to seek help.
Soundtrack: Don't remember

This was a picture of the sunset. At the time, I was thinking the sun might be setting on my running career. Again, I was over-reacting. However, I was bummed. I had waited 5 days, and felt decent. The first five to ten minutes, I felt great, but then my leg started to hurt badly. I was limping with an aggravated hamstring, and not sure exactly what was wrong with my body.

The funniest thing about this particular trip, is that the weather perfectly matched my mood the whole time. When I first left the house, it was pretty nice and I was feeling upbeat thinking that I'd be able to get in a decent run. However, instead of being wise, and staying near the house so that if my leg acted up, I would be close to home...I took off as far away as I could get from my home almost immediately. That 17 minute run away from the house turned into a limping 45 minute walk back to the house in temperatures that dropped severely along with the heat from my body no longer keeping me warm because I was now slowly hopping along rather than running.

When I got home, I was really cold, and wondering exactly how long I'd be unable to run. I was a bit bummed, but not as bad as I felt the previous time I tried running in the abject freezing temperatures on December 5th. I was motivated to find some type of help to relieve my pain and get me running again. That night, I spoke with some running friends of mine from church, and they directed me to a chiropractor. That wonderful gentleman, whom I call Dr. Dan, has really helped...and now a few weeks later. I'm feeling almost back to 100%.


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