Monday, April 22, 2019

Nine Hundred Thirty-Seven

April 21, 2019
7.02 Miles in 1:09:16
Mood: Easter doin' it's thing!
Soundtrack: Mumford & Sons "Delta" and "Tarzan Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"

It was Easter, and Easter has but one be bright and sunny and wonderful. Easter is not a time for snow or rain or sleet or any of the other 42 different words the Innuit have for snow. Easter is for being outside in short sleeves and thanking God for both the resurrection of his Son and the resurrection of his Sun after a miserable winter finally has been defeated by the forces of Spring.

On this particular morning in Wash Park, Easter was doing it's job. The sun was out, the weather was warm, and for the first time in many moons, I was outdoors running in shorts. I'll forgive Easter that later that afternoon it allowed clouds to move in and sprinkle a light rain upon us, because on Easter morning, the weather was actually perfect. Good job, Easter.

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