Thursday, April 15, 2021

Twelve Hundred Sixty-Six


April 14, 2021
7.41 Miles in 1:21:58
Mood: Another morning running in circles
Soundtrack: Weezer "OK Human" and AJR "OK ORCHESTRA"

I skipped my Monday run to get my second shot of the Pfizer vaccine, so it had felt like forever since my Saturday run as I started out on a Wednesday morning. The forecast was for rain and snow all day, so I decided to stay close to home in case in became you guessed it...Circles around Southglenn! I'm clearly running out of things to photograph at Southglenn, but I'm amazed at how many different textures there are on the building there. This one in particular is much different than the rest of the place, and there isn't even a business there. Also, I liked the cool lamps that were giving off warm light. Also, I listened to two different albums that begin with "OK" and it is my opinion that the AJR one is better, but the Weezer one has the best song. (That best song being, "All My Favorite Songs")

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