Wednesday, September 25, 2019

One Thousand Five

September 22, 2019
8.33 Miles in 1:20:38
Mood: What a good boy!
Soundtrack: Jack White "Blunderbuss" and "Lazaretto"

I arrived at Wash Park, as I do on most Sundays, and I decided that I needed to see more than just Wash Park on this particular Sunday, so I started north through the park, and then just kept going until I hit Cheesman Park. Then I turned around and headed back. I wasn't sure why I needed to go a different way, but I think it was because I needed to meet this very good dog. This dog was cute and fuzzy and extremely friendly, and I very much wanted to take him home with me. I didn't since, you know, he's not my dog. (Also, it could be a girl dog. I didn't check. Either way, excellent dog.)

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