Monday, October 16, 2017

Seven Hundred Twelve

October 15, 2017
7.77 Miles in 1:13:31
Mood: Updates continue to fail me, but fall doesn't.
Soundtrack: Blind Pilot "And Then Like Lions" and "We Are The Tide" and "3 Rounds And A Sound"

Joining the hit parade of things getting updated and then proceeding to not work as well, I give you the Nike Plus running app. They updated recently, and now there is a tendency for my music to not work quite right while I'm running, or worse, I'll start a run and it doesn't actually start on the app. This particular app hiccup hit this Sunday's morning run as I ran almost half a mile before looking at my app and noticing that it wasn't tracking my mileage. So I actually went over 8 miles on this run, but the app malfunctioned and I only ended up with 7.77 officially. That is slightly irritating.

Other than that app error, it was a pretty spectacular morning, though. It began quite chilly, but the sun warmed me up fairly quickly and Wash Park was alive with fall color. This particular tree on the edge of Smith Lake was lit up like it was on fire. The photo does a pretty good job of showing this, but in person it was even more vibrant. I'll be sad when all the leaves finally do fall and this season of color gives way to the dead of winter.

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