Thursday, March 15, 2018

Seven Hundred Eighty-Six

March 15, 2018
8.06 Miles in 1:22:18
Mood: Splodey Nova!
Soundtrack: The Lone Bellow "Then Came the Morning" / The Local Strangers "Left For Better" / Eminem "Curtain Call"

I have become obsessed with this statue. Mostly because it's a Pokemon Go Gym, and I am trying to earn a Gold Badge for it because it's name in Pokemon Go never ceases to amuse me. They call it "Splodey Nova!" and that name is excellent. It may or may not be the actual name of the art, but I don't care. It is what I shall forever refer to it as. I think it's the word "Splodey" but don't underestimate that exclamation point. I found myself running to the South Suburban Golf Course despite the fact that it's not a super great run there simply to earn points toward mastering this gym. I will have gold. Oh yes. It will be mine.

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