Monday, February 22, 2021

Twelve Hundred Forty-Four


February 22, 2021
7.66 Miles in 1:21:13
Mood: Thankful for a lovely February day for a change!
Soundtrack: Radical Face "The Family Tree: The Leaves"

When last I ran at Southglenn, all of four days ago, it was an icy dangerous mess. This morning, the skies were perfectly blue and the roads were dry and perfect. It felt good to not have to worry about slipping, and it was warm (by February standards, at least). So basically, it felt amazing, and I felt grateful to be out in it. I decided to take a picture of this sign for a local eatery because I like how simple it is, and how obvious it is that this is a place you can eat. (Either that, or a place to buy table settings, I guess.)


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