Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Eight Hundred Twenty

June 3, 2018
7.62 Miles (Biked) in 58:28
Mood: Pretty tired.
Soundtrack: Kanye West "ye"

I had honest intentions of doing a full scale bike workout on this particular Sunday morning. However, after a long Saturday drive through Wyoming and a late night where I had trouble sleeping, it was tough getting myself out of bed, and while I eventually got up. I didn't have the time or energy to do a major ride, so I basically just circled Southglenn to load up on Pokemon supplies from the plentiful Pokestops and abandoned any pretense of working hard. Still, it was a lovely morning, and it felt good to be home after a long and wonderful trip in Yellowstone, and when I was done, I had all the supplies I could hold, which I had depleted during my trip.

I nearly didn't take a photo on this ride, but at the last minute I remembered to do so, and shot a picture of a Maserati. I am most definitely NOT a car guy, and couldn't care less about the car aspects of what make this vehicle obscenely overpriced, but I do like a good logo, and Maserati's Trident logo is pretty glorious. So while I couldn't care less about the car itself, I dig it's logo a lot, and decided to just take a picture of the grill. 

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