Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Four Hundred Ninety-One

July 19, 2016
5.86 Miles in 59:47
Mood: Tired but also discovering new places.
Soundtrack: The Gist / Florence + The Machine "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful" and "Ceremonials"

I feel like a total slacker when I run less than six miles. I was tired this morning, though. The first half of the run was a walk. However, I was heading due south and traversed some new areas in Highlands Ranch that I have never seen before, and I noticed that my curiosity at running through new areas created excitement which woke me up and got me moving. I saw some nice areas of Highlands Ranch...a place that I still consider to be my mortal enemy, but at least it was pretty this morning.

Today's picture comes from early on in my run when I passed a tree that had these tiny perfect berries. My picture makes them look as big as grapes, but they are SIGNIFICANTLY smaller than that.

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