Thursday, September 14, 2017

Six Hundred Ninety-Six

September 14, 2017
7.87 Miles in 1:16:24
Mood: Annoyed that my earbuds are never perfect and occasionally even worse than adequate.
Soundtrack: The Brilliance "All is not Lost" and "Brother" / Barenaked Ladies "Maroon"

My first pair of wireless earbuds were bought in February and they lasted me all the way to September. This is a pretty good run as far as the history of my running buds, but I was hoping they'd make it a bit longer. I went into Best Buy Tuesday to exchange them (It is a long standing tradition for me to buy the 2 year protection plan on earbuds and then exchange them every other month because they break so quickly. I'm probably on my 17th generation of earbuds that were exchanged rather than purchased. It's a strange business model for them, but it works for me.) Today was my first run after the exchange, and I am hear to report that they work amazingly well as long as I am not running. Seriously, they sound great, but they have a little remote dangling just below the right ear which jangles when I run and has a very unfortunate tenancy to dislodge from my right ear. They got slightly better halfway through my run as I adjusted them a tiny but, but things are not looking good for their continued use. All I want is a pair of dependable and durable and cheap ear buds that don't break and sound great. Pretty sure such a thing does not exist, but I will continue in my ongoing quest at Best Buy.

As for the non-earbud portion of this morning...the clouds at sunrise were pretty epic. Also, I ran for about a quarter mile without my running app active, so I think this run probably went over 8 miles, but I'll only post what it actually tracked. I hate when I do that. Not that it matters that much. I'm already 63 miles logged for September, so the 100 mile mark shouldn't be too difficult to reach.

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