Friday, September 25, 2015

Three Hundred Forty-Six

September 25, 2015
7.49 Miles in 1:11:43
Mood: Confused about Shadows
Soundtrack: Florence + the Machine "Ceremonials" "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful"

This house has silhouettes of all sorts of random things around it's entire perimeter.  From camels to cowboys to dinosaurs to ballet dancers. I don't understand even a little bit what they're trying to accomplish with this. It's one of the weirdest decorating decisions I've seen, and I've see a lot of questionable decorating decisions in my day.  I have no idea what is happening here. I'm just clueless. I feel like knocking on the door and seeing if I can get an interview with the homeowner just so I can get some semblance of an explanation. I think it's important to note that this photo only shows half the property, and the other half is just as heavy with weird shadow creatures. Perhaps the greatest part of the entire oddity is that there are dinosaurs on the other side, and they have eyes. Only the dinosaurs have eyes. You have to be extinct to obtain that privilege.

In other news, It was legitimately cold as I started out this morning with temps in the low 40's. This was the first run since last spring which I decided to break out the long pants for running. This makes me a little sad, as I definitely prefer to run in shorts, but even more important is to not freeze my legs off, so I went sensible on this one. It won't be much longer before I also have to switch to long sleeved shirts and even hoodies when the real cold weather kicks in. This is the only bummer part of means the real cold will be upon us far too quickly.

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