Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Five Hundred Three

August 14, 2016
7.88 Miles in 1:15:10
Mood: Contemplating long enduring civic art.
Soundtrack: Tyler Stenson "Sometimes I'm a Lion" / Passenger "All the Little Lights" / The Head and the Heart "Spotify Session"

These weird geometrically shaped things have been in Denver's Burns Park for as long as I can remember. We used to see them on our way to Celebrity Sports Center to go swimming and bowling and play video games and Skeeball back when that was still a thing one could do. They have been around since at least my childhood, and potentially longer. I have no idea what they are there for. I suppose they are just art, but they give off a slight "thing for kids to play on" vibe. However, all it takes is about three seconds for any kid to realize they are not fun.

While they serve no known purpose, I'm glad they are there. It give continuity to a tiny section of Denver that has now been the same for as long as I can remember. The city changes constantly, so anything with that kind of staying power is cool, and I suppose they are beautiful in their own weird way.

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