Monday, March 10, 2014


March 9, 2014
7.36 Miles in 1:09:40
Mood: Grinding it out
Soundtrack: Welcome to That Whole Thing / The Because Show / LCS Hockey Show
Even when you really love something, there are still times when that thing you love can almost be drudgery. Nothing is always wonderful, even things you really value and enjoy. Sunday my run was definitely more of a grind than a highly enjoyable experience. 
I attribute a large portion of that to the fairly unimaginative route I took which kept me mainly on the sidewalks of larger streets running in straight lines. I started this run with a quick drive to a slightly more northern starting point, and so my run was pushed through areas which I am familiar by car, but not so much on foot. As a result, I didn't stray far from the big streets. Running in a straight line is not as much fun as weaving and wobbling a wonky way. (That was a fun sentence to construct.)
When I wasn't running on a big street, I was slogging through a muddy trail. I had originally intended to take this trail much further and avoid the streets entirely, but I abandoned the trail at my quickest availability due to the fact that it was riddled with large patches of sloppy mud. Trail running rules when said trails are dry, but when you're slopping through terrain a pig would find endearing, it quickly loses it's luster.
So this run left something to be desired...not all was lost. I got to see a horse that looked so bored with life. I felt this was an appropriate picture because you usually think of a horse in a passionate and exciting manner, much as I usually associate running with fun and enjoyment. However, here was a horse, the icon of excitement, looking like he really wished there was something good on TV. I felt a kinship with my friend the bored horse on this day. They can't all be the best runs of your life, I persevered through this one with the belief that a great one is just around the corner. Plus, a bad day of running still beats a day without running. Until next's the map. 

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