Sunday, June 1, 2014

One Hundred Two

May 30, 2014
6.18 Miles in 58:51
Mood: Wet and a little tired
Soundtrack: The Film Vault

Even getting rained on throughout a decent portion of this run couldn't pep me up. Usually when it rains, it gives me an extra gear. This run I just got wet. Kinda dragged myself through the paces this run.

I was looking forward to a night on the town with my lovely wife to celebrate our 14th anniversary at the Chophouse...which is maybe my favorite restaurant on the planet. So I was in a terrific mood even if my running enthusiasm was sub par for this run. If I got nothing else of value from this run, I was able to see this Star Wars plastered vehicle with a vanity license plate of "Bantha" which I believe can only mean one thing...this dude is beating the ladies off with a stick. Although you have to admire someone who personalizes his vehicle due to his love of the steeds of Sand People. I gotta imagine I'm going to run into this guy at Comic Con in a few weeks. Don't get me wrong, I love this guy...even though I've never met him.

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